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Understanding sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammatory process within the air-filled cavities located in parts of the upper jaw, the nasal region and the frontal part of the skull. Sinusitis is mainly a severe or chronic form of upper airway infections.

Sinusitis is frequently precipitated by common colds or allergies.

Persons with allergies, for example hay fever, are often more susceptible to cold infections. That is due to the fact that the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is weakened by the allergy and thus and important protective barrier against pathogens does not longer work at its optimum.

Common colds, in turn, are responsible for most cases of acute sinusitis. Those are primarily caused by more than 200 different viruses. Therefore, during an episode of cold, the immune system is additionally weakened hence causing secondary bacterial infection.

Therefore, Esberitox®N can be of great advantage especially in cases of allergy- or virus- induced sinusitis which are often aggravated by bacterial superinfections.

Taking Esberitox®N

Esberiotx®N is a clinically proven herbal product evaluated in over 20 published clinical trials which has been prescribed by German doctors and paediatricians for over 50 years to strengthen the immune system in order to effectively overcome or prevent common cold.

Taking Esberitox®N will strengthen the immune system thus overcoming the cold. This prevents progression of the cold which normally results in secondary infection of the sinuses.