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  Recurrent Cold in Children

Understanding recurrent cold in children

Common colds are infections of the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms include sneezing, a sore throat, a blocked or runny nose and coughing.

Children are more susceptible to getting a common cold because their immune is not fully developed. As they have less resistance to the cold viruses, they may get up to 12 episodes per year (it may seem like your child is always sick). Additionally, more than 200 different viruses that can be made responsible for common cold make the establishment of an effective immunity hard to achieve.

These viruses are spread through direct contacts or droplets. Therefore, re-infections when children go back to school are common. Furthermore, we see the spread of cold between siblings.

Complications of common cold in children

Children who frequently suffer from cold and if their infections last long and are quite severe, this will often lead to secondary bacterial infections. Doctors often tend to prescribe antibiotics in these cases in order to overcome the bacteria.

Even though this is in many cases a needed treatment, the antibiotics will further suppress the immune system. Compliance problems, induction of bacterial tolerance or allergies are frequent complications. The likelihood of a recurrent infection is quite high.

Taking Esberitox®N

Esberitox®N is a clinically proven herbal product with over 20 published clinical trials and has been prescribed by German doctors and paediatricians for over 50 years to strengthen the immune system in order to overcome or prevent common cold.

A child with recurrent cold tends to have a very weak immune system. In order to strengthen their immune system and to alleviate the immuno-suppressive effects of many antibiotics, it is advisable to take Esberitox®N for 2 weeks to a month, possibly also concomitantly with the antibiotic. This will help to reduce the frequency of recurrent colds.

Esberitox®N can also be used as a prevention against cold. The child can take Esberitox®N when the challenge of common cold is greatest, for example when they go back to school or when one of the siblings already has the cold.