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  FAQ: Recurrent cold in children
  1. Why do my kids get the cold so often?
    This is because the immune system of children is not fully developed yet. There are 200 cold viruses that can infect a child especially when they start going to school where they come in contact with other children.
  2. How does Esberitox®N help to overcome cold and how is it different from cold medication?
    Esberitox®N a German herbal formulation which can boost the immune system quickly and effectively hence it is able to overcome cold infection quickly. It is most effective when taken during the onset of cold. Cold medication only helps to mask the symptoms of cold but can not help to overcome cold infection itself.
  3. How long should I give Esberitox®N to my child ?
    You should give until the symptoms (runny nose, sneezing or blocked nose) stop. For children with frequent cold, it is good to continue for another 3 days to ensure that the symptoms do not start again.
  4. Is it safe to give Esberitox®N to my child?
    Esberitox®N is a herbal medicine which has been used by Paediatricians in Germany for more than 50 years. We have very good data on the safety of Esberitox®N. Esberitox®N can be used for children 2 yrs and above and it comes in tasty chewable tablet. It is also registered with the FDA (Food and Drug administration)
  5. I noticed my child tends to get the cold symptoms when it rains or when they go back to school. Can I use Esberitox®N to protect them from the cold?
    Yes, Esberitox®N can help your child from getting the cold. You need to give them during times when you know they are likely to get the cold as you mentioned.
  6. I have three children between ages of 3 to 8 years. I noticed that when one gets the cold, it will spread to the other two. It is stressful to have all the three children sick at the same time. Can I use Esberitox®N to prevent the cold from spreading from one child to another?
    Esberitox®N has been successful in preventing the spread of the cold between child by strengthening the immune system of the other children so that they are able to fight off the virus. For such protection, give the child Esberitox®N for 5 days.
  7. My child have cold very frequently, can I give Esberitox®N to my child everyday?
    For children with recurrent cold, Esberitox®N can be taken for one month to reduce recurrence. Subsequently, we advise to take Esberitox®N only when the child gets an initial sign of cold or as a prevention when there is a high chance of catching a cold as Esberitox®N can strengthen the immune system FAST.



  1. 为什么我的孩子经常感冒?
  2. Esberitox®N 如何帮助克服感冒,与感冒药有什么不同?
    Esberitox®N 是一种德国草药制剂,可以快速有效地促进免疫系统,因此能够快速克服感冒感染。在感冒发作初期最有效。感冒药只能帮助掩盖感冒的症状,但不能帮助克服感冒病毒。
  3. 我的孩子应该给 Esberitox®N 多久?
    你应该给予直到症状(流鼻水,喉咙痛, 咳嗽, 打喷嚏或阻塞鼻子)停止。对于经常感冒的儿童,继续3天以上,以确保症状不再重复。
  4. 给我的孩子 Esberitox®N ,有副作用吗?
    Esberitox®N 是一种草药,已被德国的儿科医生使用了50多年。Esberitox®N 有良好的安全报告。
    Esberitox®N 可用于2岁及以上的儿童,并配有美味的咀嚼片。它也向FDA(食品和药物管理局)注册
  5. 我注意到我的孩子在下雨下雨季节或者回到学校时往往会感冒。我可以使用 Esberitox®N 来保护他们免受感冒吗?
    是的,Esberitox®N 可以帮助您的孩子免受感冒。在你知道他们可能会感冒的时候,你需要给他们作为预防。
  6. 我有三个3至8岁的孩子。我注意到,当一个人感冒的时候,它会传染给另外两个孩子。所有三个孩子同时生病让我很紧张。我可以使用 Esberitox®N 来防止感冒从一个孩子传染到另一个孩子吗?
    Esberitox®N 已经成功地通过加强其他孩子的免疫系统来防止儿童之间的感冒传染,使他们能够打击病毒。为了避免病毒感染,最好让孩子服食 Esberitox®N 5天。
  7. 我的小孩经常感冒,我可以每天给我的孩子服用 Esberitox®N 吗?
    Esberitox®N 可以快速的加强免疫系统,如果孩子经常感冒可以服用一个月以减少复发。随后只有当儿童得到初始感冒或需要预防感冒时才需服用 Esberitox®N


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