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  FAQ: Frequent runny nose, sore throat and cough
  1. Why do I get runny nose, sore throat and cough more often?
    It is likely you have a weaker immune system
  2. How can I protect myself from runny nose, sore throat and cough?
    You can take Esberitox® N during times when you are likely to get these symptoms (eg when travelling or having a whole day meeting)
  3. How long should I take Esberitox® N ?
    Take when you have first sign of runny nose, sore throat or cough. For protection, you can take during period of stress or when you are likely to get these symptoms.
  4. Does it cause drowsiness?
    No, Esberitox® N do not cause drowsiness
  5. Is Esberitox® N more effective than Vitamin C in boosting the immune system?
    Esberitox® N is fast acting, you will feel the effect in 2-3 hours. Clinical Studies have proven Esberitox® N to be more effective in protect against runny nose, sore throat and cough.
  6. Is it possible to know whether my runny nose is caused by allergy or weak immune system?
    If you have a weak immune system, one or two doses of Esberitox® N will stop your runny nose. However, if you have allergy, the runny nose will not stop.
  7. If I need advice, how can I contact you?
    Our pharmacist will call you within a day if you send a sms to 012 298 2300 or an email to info@quanstarbiotech.com
  8. Where can I purchase this product?
    It is available in most pharmacies.