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Going to catch the cold?

Strengthen your immune system and overcome the common cold virus FAST with Esberitox® N

A clinically proven standardized extract phytomedicine used to stop common colds from progressing and prevent complications.

Fequently Asked Questions about Esberitox® N

FAQ about Esberitox® N

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  • Esberitox® N is an immune booster that helps to overcome cold virus effectively.
  • Its active ingredients are an immunoactive complex of Thuja, Baptisia and Echinacea which has shown antiviral and immune boosting activity.
  • Clinical Studies have shown that patients who take Esberitox® N when experiencing cold symptoms (runny nose, blocked nose, sore throat, cough and fever) recovers 3 days faster than those who took placebo. 1
History of Esberitox® N
  • It was first launched in 1923 by Schaper and Brummer, a company with more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing natural remedies and processing them into modern, highly effective herbal medicines.
  • It is manufactured in Schaper and Brummer, Germany and distributed by Quanstar Biotech Sdn Bhd in Malaysia
  • Used globally for more than 50 years over 40 countries including USA, Australia, and many European countries.

95% of common cold is due to virus infection. There are more than 200 viruses that could cause the common cold. Most cold medication is aimed at masking the symptoms temporarily and do not tackle the root cause - VIRAL INFECTION. To get rid of a cold, you have to treat the root of the problem and eliminate the virus. Esberitox® N has antiviral and immune boosting activity that will help to overcome the virus and hasten recovery.

The benefits of Esberitox is documented in various clinical studies:

  • Fast recovery of cold symptoms (3 days faster)
  • Reduce recurrent infection in children
  • Strengthen immune system, faster recovery (viral or bacterial infection)

Clinical Trials

Esberitox® N have found to be the most effective when taken at the early stage of cold. As soon as one feels the initial sign of sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and the feeling of being unwell, Esberitox® N should be administer immediately.

However, if you are already feeling the full blown symptoms of cold, studies have shown that Esberitox® N could still help to hasten recovery by 3 days. 1

Esberitox® N is suitable for both children and adults who are suffering from symptoms of common cold such as sore throat, runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing, cough, headache muscle aches and fever. It is most effective when taken at the first sign of these symptoms.

It can also be used as prevention during situation where immune system is temporarily weakened or chances of infection is high:

  • Children going back to school
  • Stressful time (eg Exam)
  • Children with recurrent cold infection (especially in preschool or daycare)
  • Travelling (Holiday, Haji and Umrah)

For children with recurrent cold, Esberitox®N can be taken for one month to reduce recurrence. Subsequently, we advise to take Esberitox®N only when the child gets an initial sign of cold or as a prevention when there is a high chance of catching a cold as Esberitox®N can strengthen the immune system FAST.

Yes, for preventive measure, Esberitox®N can be taken 2 days prior to departure till 2 days after arrival. Preventive measure is ideal for:

  • Those with underlying respiratory condition such as asthma or chronic bronchitis
  • children and elderly who has a weaker immune system
  • Those who catches cold easily whenever they travel

Esberitox® N can also be carried along during travel and taken at the first sign of cold symptoms.

Esberitox® N has no anti-allergy effect. However, many people mistaken weaken immune system for allergy. Those with weaken immune system usually suffer from runny nose or blocked nose during the night or early morning. For such person, Esberitox is very effective in controlling the runny nose.

However those with allergy normally gets infection easily causing sinus infection. Esberitox® N can be taken together with anti-histamine to prevent infection of the sinus.

1. Efficacy and Safety of a Fixed Combination Phytomedicine in the treatment of the Common cold (Acute Viral respiratory tract infection): Results of a randomized, double blind, Placebo Controlled, Multicentre Study. Henneicke-von Zepelin, H.-H., et al., Current Medical Research and Opinion, Vol. 15 (1999): 214-227.
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